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Welcome to’s coaching section. You’re not alone in your search to achieve the body of your dreams. We offer the proper guidance to take you all the way from A to B. Our professional coaching is efficient and effective. We support you every step of the way towards your goal.

You deserve your dream body!

How do we know? Because you’re reading this page.

The coaching team is at your service.

Allow me to introduce Philippe Gervais. He is a strength and conditioning coach. As well as a Calisthenics expert.

Philippe is a strength and conditioning coach that specializes in improving your performance, reducing injury risks and ultimately helping you get the body of your dreams!

Having the chance to collaborate with some of the worlds top athletes, bodybuilders, elite coaches and models has given him a lot of the tools, knowledge and wisdom that he has today.

He has experience training countless clients while also experimenting with different training philosophies and ideas to make sure that he was able to create the ultimate systems to generate results for his clients and for himself.

Through these experiences, Philippe has learned about hard and smart work, flawless programming, the process of training, essential priceless tips and time-saving methods.

It brings Philippe great pleasure, motivation and excitement to assist you and it is his duty to help you reach your goals in the fastest, safest, healthiest and most enjoyable way possible.


  • YMCA F.I.T. Program
  • Corrective Conditioning

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 My name is Joshua Perl and I’m a professional fitness transformation coach and former model.

Who doesn’t admire celebs and wish for bodies like them?  Joshua Perl can make your body transformation a reality. Being an ISSA certified personal trainer and former model here to help you achieve the body type you desire.

  • As a fitness transformation coach, Joshua will structure nutritional and diet protocols that helps to tone your body and maintain overall fitness at the same.
  • Joshua will guide you in getting rid of excess fat and effectively burning off calories.
  • You don’t have to be physically present to engage his services – He will communicate with you via online video conferencing where you can ask any questions about body transformation programs.
  • Important data and information related to your fitness regime will be emailed to you in a downloadable PDF format.

Successful results are guaranteed – you will notice the difference within weeks of starting the program.


  • International Sports Science Association
  • Canfitpro Personal Trainer

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We create winners. Here’s why:

  • Experience working with athletes, powerlifters, models and fitness professionals.
  • Comprehensive support throughout the process. We’re holistic health coaches who review the entire systems of our candidates.
  • We work closely with our athletes to create a customized approach for your goals. Our training programs take into account your limitations and strengths.
  • Nutritional protocols with the core focus on health awareness. Our approach will improve your body composition, performance, general health and cognitive function.
  • Regular fitness content delivered via our blog. Ebooks also available to encourage self-study.
  • Skype consults included with our full coaching packages.


Every journey starts with a single step

8 Week Personal Training Package
8 week training program
8 week meal plan
1 Skype Consultation (60 min)
12 Week Personal Training Package
12 Week training program
12 week meal plan
3 Skype consultations (60 min each)
1Hour Skype Consultation
1 Skype Consultation (60 min)
Silverback Custom Training Program
Custom Program
Custom Training Program

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We coach others through our calisthenics and resistance training routines. We empower others to become strong, lean and fit.

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