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One of the BIG differences between lifters who are beat up and injured all of the time vs. the ones who are strong and healthy throughout the year is that the beat up lifters train what they WANT to train while the strong and healthy lifters train what they NEED to train. The beat up lifters are also stubborn so they think they know it all while the healthy lifters are constantly looking for new ways to make their training more safe and effective. Not only that, but the strong and healthy lifters also make the right lifestyle choices outside of the gym which is still a factor that should be taken into account.

So as the beat-up and injured lifter trying to get healthy again and eventually get strong, you try to train hard through the injuries, but you just end up:

19 Making the pain worse

19Sabotaging your recovery which slows down your progress

19Not making any progress as far as progressive overload is concerned so you are forced to drop weights to a dramatic degree

19Getting other muscle groups injured in the process in order to compensate for the weak/injured ones

19Getting weaker and weaker so you start setting the opposite or PR’s

19You slowly start losing more and more muscle mass which gets you depressed

19You feel like you are just wasting your time with training because you aren’t getting anything but pain out of it

19You just feel like quitting this lifting thing altogether and you might even be considering a new hobby

Don’t worry, we’ve been there and it sucks knowing that you are going to the gym and not getting the results that you want because you have X muscle group(s) or X problem bothering you.

It sucks and nothing is worse than feeling like you are just wasting your time because your time is precious and you want to be maximizing it as much as possible!

I know exactly what it feels like because I’ve gone through a knee surgery for my ACL & Meniscus, had issues with my left rotator cuff, left groin, tons with my low back, left ankle after my ACL Surgery and I even have an elbow that gets cranky from time to time.

Josh on the other hand had neck problems, lower back issues, left wrist issues and tender shoulders that got cranky every now and then from pressing improperly for half a decade.

All of this stuff did not happen to us all at once, but throughout our lifting careers there have always been some problems along the road and this was especially true at the beginning.

This was way before we started reading, studying and listening to professional coaches, physios, doctors, top level athletes and it was at the time when we thought that I had all of the answers. Boy were we ever wrong, until now…


Fast forward a few years ago all the way to today, we are currently the healthiest, strongest and most muscular we have ever been and so are our clients.

I NEVER use belts or wraps on any of my lifts, but I will use straps/chalk on certain pulling movements. Today I am able to Rack Pull 900lb+, Pendlay Row 365lb x 5, Military Press 185lb, Box Squat 405lb+, One Arm DB Row 250lb x 8, One Arm DB Push Press 115lb, Zercher Split Squat 225lb x 10, Snatch Grip High Pull 315lb x 3, Horizontal Barbell Back Extension 225lb x 10 and the list goes on. I can do all of these movements with literally ZERO discomfort and my lifts are just going to keep getting better and better, I am only getting started.

Josh on the other hand is also feeling better than ever and will be competing on a bodybuilding stage very soon since he has been able to train pain-free with remarkable intensity for the past 2-3 years. Some of Josh’s best lifts are a 225lb x 1 Military Press,  Front Squat 275lb x 12, Box Squat 405lb x 5, Incline DB Bench Press 115lb x 10, Leg Press 1000lb x 10, Hammer Curls 60lb x 10,  Weighted Dips 100lb x 5, Chest Supported T-Bar Row 4 Plates x 8, 45 Degree Back Extensions 225lb x 10, Neutral Grip Pull-ups x 20 (while weighing 205lb at 10% B.F.), Plank x 5 minutes and much more.

We are not saying this to brag, but simply to show you that with the right programming, technique cues, basic understanding of training, special exercises and a few other factors that you could stay injury-free while still getting the body and strength that you desire!

This also goes a lot further than us because our online clients are also all able to train pain-free due to our training advice, unique tips, special protocols and motivation for them to keep making progress year in and year out!

Although before all of this great stuff happened to us, we were a lot less knowledgeable than today and were pretty much clueless. This was back when there weren’t too many fitness channels out there so we pretty much thought that all of the information that we were getting was accurate and set in stone.

We didn’t second guess anything and we were living by the “HARD work beats everything” motto as opposed to “HARD and SMART work beats everything”. Rewind back to a few years ago,


13 Going to the gym 3-5x per week

13Fighting through the pain every session because we followed the “no pain, no gain” philosophy

13Forcing ourselves to do the same exercises because we read that they were beneficial for our situations

13Following minimalist programs with low exercise selection because that was what the “experts” were preaching

13Following different diets and trying out the latest supplements

13Creating our own programs because we thought we knew it all

13Training what we WANTED to train instead of what we NEEDED to train

13Doing high risk exercises to failure without spotters

13Doing high repetition compound movements with very low full body awareness which led to even more injuries

and the list goes on and on…

Little did we know that we were only making our injuries worse and training in this fashion had us banged up for a while.

That is when and why we started doing literally everything in our power to find out how we could get healthy again and eventually get stronger than ever. We wanted to look the best we’ve ever looked too and we wanted the gym to start being fun again. We missed the feeling of enjoying our training sessions as opposed to only looking forward to one out of our three or four training days per week.

On our quest to looking for more useful information we noticed through a lot of trial and error that there was (and still is) A LOT of information that is misguided and false.


19 “Minimalist training is the way to go to make long term gains”

19“The answer to all of your problems is to simply get strong on the squat, bench and deadlift”

19“Only sticking to bilateral movements is one of the best approaches you could take for optimal strength. Single leg work is for sissies and is a waste of time for size and strength”

19“You have to go balls to the wall with the intensity instead of sticking to sub-max loads”

19“Soft Tissue work is overrated and boring”

19“Hip Thrusts and Glute Bridges are for sissies along with high volume/frequency glute work”

19“Neutral grip training is for sissies. The pronated grip is all you will ever need for presses and pulls”

19“Warm-ups with activation drills and more warm-up sets is overrated and so is stretching post workout”

19“Landmines, Cables, bands, chains and Val-Slides have no value, just stick to the basics”

19“Leg extensions are the best exercise for the quads and knee health”

19“Getting shredded to 8% bodyfat and below is one of the best things that you could do for overall health and performance”

19“Pull-up variations are all you really need to develop your upper back, rows are a waste of time and energy”

19“Partial movements such as rack pulls are useless and dangerous, just pull from the floor instead”


Most of what you are told on the internet is simply a gimmick or marketing strategy used to take your money!

Josh and I got tired of all of these scams so we decided to take action and design the ultimate system that wasn’t too complicated and straight to the point.

We started going to private one on one consultations with some of the top coaches in our city and they started recommending other coaches to us in order for us to become more knowledgeable in the fitness and conditioning world.

We started reading and getting obsessed with the works of coaches like Charles Poliquin, Ben Bruno, Bret Conteras, Eric Cressey, Tony Gentilcore, Mike Boyle, Dean Somerset and countless of other coaches of that nature to get some of the best information possible.

We then started putting tons of Q&A’s on our site with some of the best specialists in the business such as Dr. Stuart McGill, Mike Robertson, Jason Ferruggia, Zach Even-Esh and tons of other top level athletes in order to get their secrets on how to stay healthy when pushing your body to the limit.

We also got more information and learned more from witnessing other peoples first hand experience which took a lot of trial and error as well.

Most importantly, we had to learn from my own mistakes and our own experiences to help us get to where we are today.


Have you ever heard of the 10,000 hour rule to mastery? Together my business partner and I passed that years ago!

We are Josh & Philippe from FitworldExposed and we know exactly what it takes to lower injury risks when training, technique tweaks to make lifts safer, whats lifts to avoid at all costs, which lifts must be in your program, how use the most joint-friendly variations for your situation along with proper lifestyle changes and other safe protocols that will keep you in the iron game for a lifetime!

We have been in contact with world class Powerlifters, Bodybuilders/Fitness Models, Olympic Lifters, Armwrestlers, Rowers, Gymnasts, Crossfitters, MMA fighters and the list goes on.


13 How to structure a proper program for your specific needs

13How to accumulate more volume and frequency in a joint-friendly fashion

13The importance of high exercise selection for avoiding the biological law of accommodation while also getting stronger in the process and avoiding overuse injuries

13The importance of unilateral work for the upper and lower body health and longevity

13Why you NEED to be incorporating more rowing, direct rear delt and direct rotator cuff work in all of your programs

13The importance of having variety in your program and not just sticking to barbels

13How to incorporate the right variations of certain lifts to satisfy your needs and make progress

13Technique tweaks that make a HUGE difference in relieving pain during lifts while simultaneously generating results

13How to warm-up with the right dynamic work, activation drills and weight ramping schemes

13How to cool-down efficiently in order to help you recover faster for your next session

13The right lifestyle tips that you need to know for maximum recovery outside of the gym

…And much much more.

In other words, we’ve got you covered and we did a lot of the work for you because you don’t have to read all of the stuff we read or contact the coaches that we’ve contacted because the work is already done for you.

All you have to do is read the chapters in these books that interest you the most. The books are all broken down into different chapters that are all very easy to read and understand with countless photos for more detailed demonstration purposes.

These pain books contain all of the essential knowledge needed to prevent injuries and maximize training performance. As an elite lifter who has hypermobile elbows, I found the tips in the elbow book to be invaluable. By implementing the special strategies, my elbows no longer hurt and I feel stronger than ever before especially on presses and extensions. I was also a massive fan of the lower back segment, since this is a the weak link for thousands of lifters. I cannot tell you how many tips have benefited me in doing heavy pulls such as deadlifts and rows. My back feels indestructible when lifting heavy, and my fear of getting injured is gone. The other books are phenomenal as well, and contain raw, truthful information for those who experience pain or want to prevent it from arising. I have no doubt that this series will positively impact the way your body feels. I know it was incredible for me, and given the exercise science and hard research that went into this project, I am sure you will feel the same way.

-Alex, Alphadestiny Owner of

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The shoulder joints are some of the most complex and unstable muscle groups in the body which is why the injury rates are so high. I have injured my rotator cuff many times at the beginning of my lifting career (from dips and benching with bad form) and it prevented me from training my upper body hard with intensity for 8-12 months, it sucked. Luckily for you, I have compiled a list of 101 tips and guidelines for you to follow so that you can learn from my mistakes and won’t have to go through what I went through.

In this eBook, I go over strategies and ways to make pressing exercises such as the bench press and military press safer so that you can keep getting stronger for the long term. I also go over which muscle groups you need to strengthen in order to keep your shoulders safe as well as proper warm-ups, cool-downs, stretches and soft tissue work tips to help your shoulders stay healthy for the long-haul.

I highly recommend buying this book and doing WHAT IT SAYS! I hurt shoulders military pressing at the gym and the first thing the doctor said was that I will need surgery. Yeah right! I am glad I invested in this book and studied the tips within! I do suffer from impingement syndrome and have to make adjustments to my training in order to progress and stay pain free. Luckily this book has every adjustment I needed!
 -Lorne, Entrepeneur

$24.99 each

The knees are very important muscles because they are a part of your lower body and contribute to you having a strong base of support. After having torn my ACL I started developing an interest for building bulletproof knees and I wanted to share my knowledge with you in this book to ensure that you can learn from some of the mistakes that I have made in the past. This is especially true if you play sports such as basketball, football or soccer but it is also common in the weight room too because many people use bad form and don’t understand how to execute certain movements such as the Squat with flawless execution. This book will go over proper squatting mechanics, technique tips, proper programming, which movements to avoid, which movements to incorporate, warm-ups, stretches, lifestyle habits and more.

I bought this book in desperation. My left knee was in such bad shape, I could barely walk! I took a leap of faith and purchased it through the recommendation of Josh and Philippe.  Well! Before I even finished 40 tips, I started changing my training routine and within a couple of weeks, the pain was almost completely gone!!!!!! I’ve continued making changes as I finished the book,and  I am doing better than ever.! I would recommend this to everyone, whether you have knee trouble or not. I also learned a great deal. Fantastic book – a very good deal!!


  • Victoria, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

$24.99 each

Back pain is one of the most common pains that people experience (especially as they get older). The computers and televisions are great inventions, but they have also made us lazier and many of us have lower back pain from prolonged sitting. Many lifters also don’t know how to train properly so they go to the gym and end up doing more harm than good. This is very bad because the lower back is involved in most and if not almost all compound movements such as Deadlifts, Squats, Rows, Overhead Pressing and the list goes on. The body is only as strong as its weakest link so you want to make sure that you are making the right choices.

This e-book will go over everything you need to know about dealing, healing and/or preventing lower back pain. This book provides 101 lower back pain training tips in sections such as lifting technique tweaking, training and programming strategies, nutrition, lifestyle tips and more. If you have been experiencing a lot of lower back pain or you just want to prevent it then this is definitely the book for you.

I’m an ex-athlete in my 30s who played Rugby at a high level. Unfortunately all that had to come to an end as I have severe lower back spasms and disk issues for nearly 7 years. I still train and have to manage the pain. I have always been able to make go away for a short while by taking Advil and visiting my osteopath. The problem is I tend to aggravate my lower back when I weight train in the gym. In the past 3 months I have seen positive results after reading and implementing 101 Tips for Lower Back Pain. Following the advice in the book, I’m able to train and enjoy the process without tweaking my lower back. Thank you Phil and Josh for the great information!


  • Gabe, VP Operations @ APF  Marketing

$24.99 each

Elbow tendinitis has to be one of the most annoying injuries out there and it prevents you from training hard because there are certain movements that you won’t be able to do if you have cranky elbows. Wrist pain can also be very irritating because you won’t be able to hold on to heavy weights so it will really limit the amount of progress that you could make (especially for the upper body). Luckily for you, this book will show you how to train around and/or prevent elbow and wrist pain. We go over proper programming, exercises to avoid, optimal hand placements, proper warm-ups, which lifts to avoid, which lifts you must prioritize, stretches, lifestyle tips and much more.

I‘m used to hectic training schedule as a professional boxer. I typically train 3-4 hours per day on average Recently, I was diagnosed with elbow tendonitis and forced to rethink my approach to weight training. I wanted to reduce the risk of making it worse aside from following my family doctors advice. Thanks to the tips in 101 Tips For Elbow & Wrist Pain I can weight train pretty hard without hurting my elbows. This really made a difference in my power in the ring! Thanks guys!


  • Lucille, Professional Boxer

To your new health,

The coaching team

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